About Us

We are a unique organisation providing a wide range of humanistic and caring services for children and young people experiencing family and community exclusion who are often either on the edge of care or looked after. We are specialists in working with children and young people at risk of criminal exploitation, sexual exploitation, gang culture, knife crime, county lines and modern slavery - and care passionately about the children and young people we work with who are often disaffected, disassociated and disengaged from society.

Our mission statement is to safeguard, nurture, educate and inspire children and young people towards safe, healthy, happy and fulfilling lives, able to meet all their aspirations and ambitions.

All Serenity Welfare services are underpinned by our values and ethos of openness, honesty, reliability and anti-oppressive, anti-discriminatory practice. Our humanistic approach, supported by high grade transport facilities, highly trained mentors and supervisors - and our commitment to non-aggressive, non-violent and compassionate communication and relationship-based practice, make Serenity Welfare leaders in child and young people services.

Our success rates support the validity of our approach.

Our Services:

As we have grown from a small family concern into a renowned company working in partnership with many local authorities around the United Kingdom, our services include:

  • Highly trained supervisors working in collaboration with local authorities on a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio with children and young people to keep them safe in their placements under bespoke packages.
  • Mentors working with individuals and groups in Education settings local authorities for look after children, PRU’s, Youth Clubs, and for UK local authorities
  • A training and development service run by Serenity’s former Metropolitan Police Trident Officer who is supported by a young survivor of child criminal exploitation
  • 24-hour hospital supervision service to ensure children & young people hospitalised remain safe, protected and free from harm
  • Appropriate Adult – 24hour service and trained by the National Association of Appropriate Adults (NAAN) to provide young people who have become subject to criminal intervention
  • Exclusive Transport Services with prestigious vehicles and highly trained staff working on a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio with children and young people to keep them safe and protected, whilst mentoring and educating them towards a greater understanding and awareness of the impact of their lifestyle & behaviour on their wellbeing.

Serenity welfare are very caring, I feel they have my best interest at heart. They have helped me immensely with my confidence, and feel I have more self respect. I have over come my family issues whilst being in their care. They have encouraged me to do physical sports activities which I enjoy, these include swimming, badminton, daily walks, plus they help me learn to cook, and support me in my everyday living. I have a great bond with all staff who I feel are like my own family.

I would recommend serenity welfare to all children, as I feel they would also be happy. I feel I get the full support that I need and they encourage me to grab my dreams, and see out to a bright future.