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Peter Wilson has worked as a police officer in child criminal exploitation for over 30 years and has led specialist youth violence operations in and around London for the past five years. Peter’s work has involved protecting children and young people in high risk life-threatening and life-altering situations, providing them with safety and protection.

With his extensive experience and passion in safeguarding children and young people, CEO, Emily Aklan is delighted to inform that Peter has joined the Serenity Welfare team as our specialist youth violence consultant.

In his role, Peter is currently sharing his expertise by travelling around London and the United Kingdom presenting his training talks to professionals, parents and young people.

These talks are receiving outstanding feedback.


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The Presentation

Following an evening’s presentation, Peter was approached by the parent of a young man who we will call Luke (identity changed for his own protection). We learned that Luke had been targeted, groomed and forced into county lines and modern slavery. He was held captive, beaten and abused for months at a time resulting in trauma, anxiety, loss of self, loss of his family …. and loss of his identity.

On hearing Luke’s story, Serenity Welfare intervened, setting up a package of support to safeguard and help Luke in his recovery. This has been highly successful, with Luke now joining the Serenity Welfare family, so he can help other young people. Luke presents his story ‘in his own words’ at Peter’s training talks.

For anyone with concerns for their child, for professionals working in the field of exploitation - this is now a presentation you cannot afford to miss! This will provide you with all the information, knowledge and understanding you will need to safeguard and protect your children & young people who are being targeted, groomed and exploited daily – into criminal exploitation.

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“During Peter’s talk ‘all the pieces of the jigsaw’ fell into place for my son ….. I understood what had happened to him” Parent

“This is absolutely outstanding” School professional

“Keeping our children safe is paramount” Councillor

“I can’t recommend Peter enough. His passion, his knowledge, his delivery was absolutely fabulous. I learnt so much! Thank you Serenity Welfare for tailoring the training and leaving us with the enhanced knowledge that we can confidently share with colleges, families, parents and young people” Director of MAPP

“Serenity welfare are the most fantastic and supportive organisation they go out of there way to support children and families, I personally recommend Emily and her team them when seeking support in managing children at risk of anti social behaviour or exclusion.

Listening to their talks on teenage gangs and county lines totally blow me away ,such courage to use their negative experience to help others. the team at serenity are amazing and relate to children so well, thank you for your support”

We were delighted in presenting our gangs and county lines talks to a Academy Trust in Essex to over 150 teachers and Head teachers


Thank you, very informative.

– Teacher


Really informative. Thank you.

– Teacher


Thank you, it's certainly a worrying world that we now live in.

– Teacher

Peter Wilson Ex Trident Officer……

We are delighted that former Trident police officer, Peter Wilson, has joined the Serenity Welfare Team and is now available to offer specialist training and consultancy. Peter is also joined by Luke, (protected identity) a young man groomed and recruited into county lines and exploitation and who will tell you his story ….. so that professionals, parents and young people gain an awareness and insight into how to safeguard children & young people at risk.

Peter Wilson

The talks will cover:

  • Child criminal exploitation (CCE)
  • Child sexual exploitation (CSE)
  • County Lines
  • Gangs and knife crime

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