A very happy Social Worker I have been very happy with how the staff have been with YP. They are engaging, supporting and really helping him (and me) through a very difficult situation. I can see from the staffs interactions with YP that they too can see the amazing, whitty, funny, talented young boy that I see in YP and this is reflected back to YP in their interactions with him. We had a great day yesterday and YP managed it so well even when it wasn’t quite going to plan. The calm, relaxed and level headed nature of the staff and their interactions with YP is having a positive influence on YP’s behaviour and demeanour. The fact that staff members that weren’t working with YP and on shift yesterday called him in the morning whilst we were in the car to sing and wish him happy birthday made the day even more special for all the right reasons. Even when YP had a bit of a wobble in the evening when I was leaving I was able to say to him, you are safe with these staff, you are going to have fun, go out, do different things and they will be able to help you with anything you need or let me know if he needs anything. As such he thought about it for about 5 seconds and walked off saying “I am going to the toilet and I expect you to be gone when I come back”. Lol I have also only had one email from YP since you starting working which is also a good sign that he is starting to feel more comfortable with the staff. So thank you

Also can I also just mention Caroline.


I tend to have a lot going on in my life which I feel constant pressure and stress because of it. I have always questioned my self-worth as I’ve always believed that majority of the issues going on around me are my fault and I just generally feel clueless. I also used to always bottle up all of my issues and just keep them to myself as I felt that I had no one to talk to. I’ve been battling my mental health for a while now constantly stressed, depressed and anxious but honestly having a serenity mentor has helped a lot. Having someone to talk to, just someone who will just listen is what I feel that I have needed. My serenity mentor has honestly helped me in many aspects of my life both physically and mentally. There have been times where I’ve been so down that I’ve just not known what to do anymore where I just wanted to give up, but my mentor would always remind me of my self-worth, that I Matter and that these problems can always be overcome. To help with my stress and anxiety, my mentor and I began doing both meditation and drama therapy and honestly, it’s helped so much. It’s helped broaden my mind and boosted my self-esteem in a way that nobody would understand, but most importantly by helping me talk to others she showed me that it’s not just me and that I am not alone.

I struggled a lot during COVID with everything going on in my own life, balancing work and online college, stressed over my grades and I didn’t want to go to uni at all with all of the pressure I was under. Even when I thought I would be alone serenity still found a way, with their regular check-up calls, constantly messaging to see how everything was going, we would regularly talk on zoom videocall, play therapeutic games and I’d get to interact with other people. My mentor has never given up on me, and even when I’ve been so difficult to deal with, she always tried to steer me in a positive path. Even when I have doubted myself, and not wanted to do anything with my life, constantly overworking myself to the point where I’d feel overwhelmed and just not wanted to do anything anymore to just give up completely, but she has always been there for me! She has honestly been my biggest support system and I look up to her at her as I do my own sister. I thank God for her every day. She was there for me during my darkest times and as much as I still do feel quite anxious, she has helped me overcome things like my mental health, severely boosted my self-esteem and constantly steering me on the correct steer path to the point where I now feel ready to apply for uni after 2 very long, research full, depressing year’s and I truly believe that without the help of serenity, I don’t honestly know what I’d be doing right now. The support that serenity gives younger people, is the support slot of people never even knew they needed.

– Young Person, 18 years old


What Service was the young person booked for?
Mentoring & Music Intervention

How do you feel the Serenity mentor engaged with the young person?
They engaged well, communicating with her in a manner appropriate for her, which makes a big difference. Noting her interest in music and engaging with her using this as a medium is also very positive.

Did you recognise any changes in the young person that may have been due to Serenity’s support?
Her behaviour is always more manageable following a session with her mentor, during the day of the session and following she also reduced her cannabis use. She is much more positive following a session. She also has not self-harmed since starting the mentoring.

Would you recommend this service to others, if yes why?
Yes, many services are prescriptive and delivered by people who look and sound different to the young person. In our situation it is very important those delivering the support can be identified with and able to connect with her.

Please rate this service out of 10.

Parent of a YP, Mentoring services


You go above and beyond for us here at L/A when we’re in emergency situations! Communication was on point throughout the whole process. I felt very comfortable conversing with you over the phone. You were clear in what information you required from us. You were also clear in giving us time scales of pick up/drop off times. 10/10 service from start to finish thank you so much

– Local Authority


To the CEO,
Myself and my husband just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you and all the team at Serenity for the kindness, care and protection you have given our son in this last year. I would not wish this journey on any family, but it has at least been made easier by knowing that every single member of your team was focussed on protecting our son. I know that he has felt safe, cared for and ‘held’ by your team. Every single person from your team has gone beyond the call of duty. Our son has a strong relationship with you which I know he cherishes. Your leadership is clear and has helped us all through a very tough year. Your team has ensured that we also had happy, special moments (at Christmas, family birthdays, fishing etc). We are sad to see you go. Serenity has left good memories that will never leave us.

From parents / crisis intervention service


Placing Local Authority Crisis Intervention Support Service

Our young person has come on in leaps and bounds with Serenity Welfare . Please sincerely thank all of the staff and office support for all the dedication, resolve and professionalism that they have demonstrated on my behalf and the local authority .

The improvement that the YP and the Serenity Welfare crew have achieved in such a short space of time is testament to the great work that Serenity Welfare do and of course the YP efforts as well.

– What a triumph!

Dear Serenity,
I am writing to thank you for the outstanding support you have offered to a young person and myself in numerous challenging situations. Over the last few weeks, your support has been invaluable. It is clear that you have worked tirelessly to provide us with as much support as you possibly can, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Without your support, what we have achieved in keeping the young person safe would not have been possible; myself and my organisation are incredibly grateful.

These guys helped to support the young person in highly stressful situations, in ways that I would not have been able to do alone. Their approach was highly child-focussed and holistic, whilst prioritising safeguarding the young person. They also offered myself outstanding support when needed and assisted me in achieving safeguarding aims. They worked late, contacted numerous organisations and, in essence, helped hugely with problem solving and conflict management, which was hugely appreciated.
It is clear that you all really care for the people you work with, including professionals.

I have sung your praises to my colleagues, including senior management. I am sure our organisation will continue to have a working relationship with you all and appreciate all of the excellent support you offer.

Secure transportation / Social Worker from a Local Authority


Serenity welfare are very caring, I feel they have my best interest at heart. They have helped me immensely with my confidence, and feel I have more self respect. I have over come my family issues whilst being in their care. They have encouraged me to do physical sports activities which I enjoy, these include swimming, badminton, daily walks, plus they help me learn to cook, and support me in my everyday living. I have a great bond with all staff who I feel are like my own family.

I would recommend serenity welfare to all children, as I feel they would also be happy. I feel I get the full support that I need and they encourage me to grab my dreams, and see out to a bright future.



I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help over the last 24 hours and let you know how impressed we all were with the service that you offered.

The team that transported the YP were very professional and organised and did a really good job with her and I know that the social worker and YP were really impressed with them. Also they were all really lovely which makes a lot of difference when dealing with potentially stressful situations!

I have spoken with my manager who has agreed that we will be in contact with you again in the future if we have any similar situations.



Thank you very much for the transport  service Serenity provided us yesterday. I will like to also say that your staff demonstrated excellent professional skills and empathetic towards our young person. They handed her emotional presentation very well. Please pass on my regards to them. I am a very satisfied customer.



You offer an amazing service; your staff were so warm and friendly, the transport was clean and luxurious  and the ‘goody’ bag a really nice touch.  The young lady we were transporting was quite upset as you can imagine, but by allowing me to come along for the journey and for their kind, humorous company, the trauma of the experience was greatly minimised.When we got to the home, the officers kindly allowed me to get her settled in and gave me the time I needed to settle her in and speak to the staff until I felt happy about leaving her – all exactly what was needed in a difficult situation. The fact that she came out to say goodbye to them both speaks volumes. 

I can only hope that as many of these children as possible are lucky enough to have these two support their moves, I cannot express enough how impressed I was by their genuine, empathetic personalities. I have asked that should our young person require transporting in the future that we are able to secure Serenity Welfare again. Sincere thanks to you and especially the staff, a really top service



The staff who  arrived were extremely professional and helpful in defusing the situation as the young person had become very agitated and upset when realising what was about to happen and actually smashed a window in an attempt to jump out of the bedroom .  The Social Worker reports that the young person had to be restrained and it was explained to him what was happening and why, but she was very impressed by the staff and the way that they were able to manage the young person and in fact the restraint ended into a hug, with Serenity staff providing assurances to  the young person who in fact got into the vehicle himself.

The residential provision that he was leaving also commented on Serenity staff's professionalism and the ability to talk to the young person putting him at ease and keeping him informed.

I am sure that the manner in which your staff dealt with the matter ensured that the move was far less traumatic for the young person than otherwise would have been.



Jahmal Germain of Serenity Welfare visited Woodside High School to show some inspiration to our Year 11 students.

His confident and direct approach worked really well to communicate with the students. His inspirational life story about the challenges he had to go through really gave them hope and belief they could work towards achieving their dreams. His idea of creating a vision board really impressed the students and got them thinking about who their role models and inspirations are, this really helped our students think positively about the GCSE year to come and where they want to be in the future. Jahmal really knows how to capture the students attention and is truly an inspiration to all young adults.
Some of the students comments:
“His a great guy!”
“His a honest man that helped me figure out what i want to do with my life.”
“I’ve got a lot of respect for him and i hope he comes back.”

– Woodside High School, London N22 (MENTORING)


serenity welfare are the most fantastic and supportive organisation they go out of there way to support children and families, I personally recommend Emily and her team them when seeking support in managing children at risk of anti social behaviour or exclusion.

Listening to their talks on teenage gangs and county lines totally blow me away ,such courage to use their negative experience to help others. the team at serenity are amazing and relate to children so well, thank you for your support

– Ureyluisa


Having worked in the health & social care sector, I cannot recommend Serenity Welfare enough. Their humanistic, caring approach for the most high risk and challenging children and young people is excellent and second to none.”

– local authority


Highly recommended Highly supportive
Really accommodating, very informative
It was an insight for myself as a parent My son knew most of it but still go to revisit the structure again The gentlemen that visited were really lovely easy to get on with as one lad was able to talk about his experience a few years ago which was really helpful My son also agreed saying he was a really person Definitely for parents with children that are in trouble.

– KarenC-655


Serenity Welfare is an amazing service they supported my family to understand the dangers of gang crime and social media influences. The support workers were so inspirational and inspiring i was blown away how they give their time to help our teens. Thanks so much”

– luisa Urey


I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your hard work, commitment and dedication to YP. You did an incredible job, taking him from a young man who could only communicate through violence and abuse, to him being able to engage with you to express his thoughts and feelings, share activities, engage in his education and for him to enjoy quality contact with his family.

I have been very privileged and proud to work alongside you and again a BIG THANK YOU.

My Best Wishes to you all.

– Social Worker,local authority


Dear all,
I am happy to report that a different YP turned up to our second attempt at a re-admittance today and the meeting went very well. YP was polite, eloquent, humble and grateful, everything we expected yesterday.

Thank you Selin for your input today and everyone for your continued support.



Yel, I’m -’ mum. It didn’t go as planned this evening, to say the least, but I did want to commend your amazing staff who couldn’t have been more supportive and understanding. If our young person  had come out of the house I knew he would be in fantastic hands.

S x

– Secure transport reply from a parent