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At Serenity Welfare we offer comprehensive and bespoke support packages for children and young people in the care of the local authority. We have a passion for helping children and young people and pride ourselves on our caring and nurturing approach.

Our transport division comprises of luxury vehicles in order to provide the young person with a sense of value and self-worth, whilst ensuring safety and security at competitive prices.

Let’s give children and young people a sense of belonging and value. Our ethos prides on 100% success rate in secure transport.

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'Hope instead of Handcuffs' for our children, says new campaign

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Let’s give children and young people a sense of belonging and value. Our ethos prides on 100% success rate. View Services

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Serenity Welfare Services

Secure transport


24 Hour hospital watch & support service

Appropriate adult service

Serenity care home (Serene Lodge)

Talks and Presentations

We treat children & young people with dignity & respect

Our transport officers, mentors, support staff are highly skilled in working with serious youth violence

Our comfortable transportation is of the ‘highest grade’ specification, which includes nourishments & 'stress balls' to promote a soothing and comfortable journey

Our mentoring and intervention programme starts at the initial point of contact to eliminate and reduce any potential conflict

We have the highest success rate in safe, humanistic and compassionate approach

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Future Vision

Future Vision from Serenity Welfare, Launching Soon!

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Here you will find all of our achievements, please keep checking as we are always expanding.

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Our Mission Statement from the Ceo/Founder
Emily Aklan

Treat people how you would like to be treated. This quote speaks for itself, we are all human beings and no matter how old you are, respect doesn’t come with age and we at Serenity Welfare believe that everyone deserves a chance in life.

One day in the future, my vision is to create a non -profit charity in providing these kids and young people a clear understanding that it doesn’t matter which background you are from, irrespective of race or religion everybody can achieve whatever their hopes and dreams are in this life and we will help them do just that.

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