Secure Transport

Our fleet consists of prestigious cars that are of the highest grade and specification so as to promote a sense of self-worth and pride for the children and young people we work with.

All our transport supervisors and close protection officers are highly skilled professionals who provide mentoring and coaching from the commencement of our transport services and this methodology has resulted in us never having to use caged vehicles to manage challenging, complex or violent behaviours. Restraints is a last resort.

Our nurturing and humanistic approach is achieving excellent outcomes for the children and young people we work with!

All our vehicles have extensive comprehensive insurance covering the client, employee and vehicle. All our vehicles are installed with GPS sophisticated systems, the latest security and locking systems and current optional extras to ensure both the drivers and our service users clients are safe and comfortable.

We currently hold a 100% success rate in ‘stress free’, compassionate and therapeutic journeys which is resulting in serenity welfare becoming one the most sought after company’s for transport provision.

Our excellent service at competitive rates is becoming the leading transport provision for local authorities

Transport Services

• We treat children & young people with dignity & respect

• Our transport mentors are highly skilled in working with serious youth violence

• We NEVER use handcuffs or cages to restrain young people

• Our comfortable transportation is of the ‘highest grade’ specification

• Our mentoring and coaching programme starts at the initial point of transportation to eliminate and reduce any potential conflict

• We provide a travelling pack that includes nourishment & ‘stress balls’ to promote a soothing and comfortable journey

• We have the highest success rate in safe, humanistic and compassionate transportations

We never restrain - this is a last resort

RESTRAIN: to control the actions or behaviour of someone by force, especially in order to stop them from doing something, or to limit the growth or force of something:’

Unless threat of harm to self or others but we do not ever use ‘caged vehicles or handcuffs’

We offer transport from:

- Care homes
- Police stations
- Residential homes
- Courts

- Hospitals/Health
- Appointments
- Schools

- Contact centres
- Foster homes
- Meeting points

All our operational transport and supervision team members are trained in:


Child Protection

Maybo restraining practices & de-escalation techniques

Health & Safety

First Aid

Specialised in learning disabilities and special needs

Our welfare Serenity operational team are fully trained in working with:

Serious youth violence

Child criminal exploitation (County lines, knife crime and gangs)

Child sexual exploitation



Just a quick email following yesterday move for my child LD.

I just wanted to email you and say that Paris, Keith and Emanuel were amazing yesterday. Want to thank them for their professionalism, their ability and skills to build rapport with the young person and support us in a extremely difficult and emotionally charged situation, taking into consideration the young person’s wishes and feeling.
I just want to say big thank you to all.
The service you provide is excellent and would definitely recommend you to all my colleagues as a great company providing exceptional service.

Many Thanks


“Thank You” on behalf of our borough for continuing to provide a valuable and excellent service to our children during this period of their accommodation in Local Authority Care.”

(Cynthia – Local borough)


“Very impressed with the Serenity staff, in fact the near restraint ended in a hug.”

(Karen – Local borough)


"I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help over the last 24 hours and let you know how impressed we all were with the service that you offered. The team that transported the young person were very professional and organised and did a really good job with her and I know that the social worker and young person were really impressed with them. Also they were all really lovely which makes a lot of difference when dealing with potentially stressful situations! I have spoken with my manager who has agreed that we will be in contact with you again in the future if we have any similar situations."

(Adam – Local borough)

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